Hastings – Bottle Alley

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In February 1931 Hastings Corporation approved the plans submitted by the Borough and Water Engineer Sidney Little for a twin-level promenade, between the Pier and Warrior Square. It was complete in April 1934 and opened on Saturday 12th May by the Marquis of Reading.

Upwards of fifty workers from the Corporation Engineers Department, plus forty unemployed or casual labourers worked on its construction.

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A remarkable achievement in any age, the glass shards glimmer, shimmer and shine in marine light and the structure, having undergone recent refurbishment, continues to offer an elevated view of the sea, in all weathers.

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Beneath the beach the pavement:

A concrete labyrinth to house that now so frequent visitor, the motor car

Built by Sidney little as part of the parade extension and officially opened in 1931 by Sir Hilton Young who was Minister for Health at the time.

This was the first large scale underground car park in the world and was greatly publicised through the national media and motoring press. The idea was soon adopted by other authorities as a great solution to the parking problems brought on by the ever increasing popularity of the motor car.

The car park is 1250 ft long and is large enough to accommodate about 500 cars. The imaginative design has two sloping access roads leading to a central entrance, decorative sunken gardens and ventilation towers with fans to remove the fumes that are disguised as two matching public shelters on ground level. 

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